Styleguide: Hygge


‘Hygge’ is a wonderful word we hear a lot of these days. Coming to us by way of Norway and Denmark, it, very roughly, translates as all that is simple, pleasing and comforting. But it’s much more than a word, it’s a feeling.

We often depict hygge as cosy, and it's true - our adopted version focuses on coming in from the cold, where we imagine retreating indoors from a roaring snowstorm to a crackling fireside, wrapping ourselves up in piles of blankets, with toasted marshmallows, twinkly lights, cosy knits, folksy patterns, comfort food and good people. Heartwarming and uplifting.

But then we have the more culturally authentic hygge, where we see our northernmost neighbours grasping the great outdoors, the bracing sea air, and nature at its most windswept and alive. Exhilaration, serenity and the elements, with nourishing food providing the energy, and the landscape providing the inspiration. Nature unleashed, and embraced.

Authentic or evolving, each perspective of the same deep-rooted concept holds a magical quality worth sharing - the joy of simple pleasures.

The best explanation of hygge I’ve encountered during three years in the land of Nord is: ‘the absence of anything annoying or emotionally overwhelming; taking pleasure from the presence of gentle, soothing things.
— Helen Russell, The Telegraph - Get cosy: why we should all embrace the Danish art of 'hygge'

The good thing about hygge is that it’s just as feel-good for you to set the scene.

Tasty, thick soups, sizzling steaks and rustic, intricate loaves add a real sense of artisan comfort to your menu. And, if you want to go authentically Danish, a good helping of something like flaeskesteg - a juicy rack of roast pork topped with crisp and salty bacon.

Hygge can be felt alone or in a crowd. But it is a great opportunity to highlight conviviality - friends and families getting together and enjoying each other’s company in peace. Showcase sociable recipes for sharing, and even ideas for a few hot toddies, for the perfect ingredients for a heartwarming experience.

For your next pop up, campaign, cookery demo, event, sampling and more, take a look at our Pinterest Board for hygge foodie inspiration, spreading your love for the simple things.

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