Styleguide: Multisensory


Food has always been an art form, but today it’s more so than ever - it's expressive, it’s to be noticed and stand out, it must tell a story; and the more interactive the dining experience, the better.

Contrasts of flavours and textures, kaleidoscopes of colour, sizzling heat, char-grilled smoke and ice are just a few sensory food tricks that chefs, bars and food brands are exploring to create that desirable and memorable culinary experience.

Rules are being broken, barriers removed... you’ll see anything from waiters carving Argentinian chargrilled cuts of meat right in front of you to grilling your own food Korean barbeque-style. It’s all about culinary theatrical performances.

For your next pop up project, food and drinks campaign, cookery demo, event and more, check out our Pinterest Board for some unique sensory food experiences inspiration to add a little bit more excitement to the everyday – it’s all about stepping out of that food and drinks comfort zone and creating an experience to remember.

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