Crafted kit for Culinary Stories


In a fast-paced industry growing year on year, it's all about standing out and telling your story at a single glance.

So we've developed Pop Up Cookspace, a growing range of design-led demo kitchens and accessories, for food professionals to easily put on an inspirational and impressive demo, and show their audience just how creative and exciting food can be.


We believe that food is one of life's great connectors, with unlimited potential for positive social, economic and environmental change. And, as designers, we can support the changemaking potential and creativity of the food industry by creating the products that set the scene.

Spanning the worlds of food and design, we immerse ourselves in industry trends and culture to develop a progressive product ecosystem that offers creative, practicality and versatility, and are the perfect platform to showcase your culinary creativity.


Did you know?

Our designs are used by the largest of national supermarkets to the smallest of food entrepreneurs, from luxury retailers like Fenwick, to industry leaders like Quorn Foods and Tesco. They’ve popped up with leading food personalities, such as James Martin, Paul Rankin, Richard Bertinet and The Fabulous Baker Brothers, and with high quality brands such as Sainsburys and Jamie's Ministry of Food.

Pop Up Cookspace is developed by Mette, a UK-based innovation and design consultancy that helps shape the future of food by designing the products and spaces that bring it to life. You can learn more about Mette here.