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Connect Through Cookery

Hire a Pop Up Cookery Demo Kit for your next experiential cookery event. 
Delivered, set up and styled for you, so all you have to do is show up!



Brand Story at a glance

Working with entrepreneurs and established marketing and operations professionals in the food industry, our products and their ongoing development stem from communicating brand story and communicating powerful messages effectively from the outset, so all your commercial and change-making objectives are ever more swiftly within reach.

 Bespoke Styleguides

We compile bespoke reports based on your or your client's brand and identity which extend brand values into a physical space, considering colour, materials, furniture, fittings, props, signage and ideas for engaging touchpoints. Perfect to start showcasing your brand professionally at events and exhibitions, or communicating a new concept to stakeholders and suppliers for practical implementation.
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 Pop Up Cookery Demo Kits

Our Pop Up Cookery Demo Kits are a stylish mobile cookery set up with customisable elements. They're primarily available for rental, but can be fully customised for purchase where required. Whether wheeled straight on to the stage to complete a captivating cookery theatre, or steered instore or on-stand for a experiential food event, they're stress-free and set up in moments. All you need to do is show up! 
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 Custom Design Projects

From specialist equipment design for experiential marketing, education or healthcare, to sprinkling some styling magic on to a large format cookery set or pop up, we lend the experience and expertise from our innovation and design studio Mette to more specific needs. At Mette, we work in large numbers with a network of trusted fabricators and suppliers, or have fun with a bespoke one-off; upcycled, reclaimed, and handmade in our creative makespace.
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