Food Trends: Picnic

Fresh food and outdoors eating for summer picnic sessions

S-U-M-M-E-R spells ‘Picnic’, and with National Picnic Week in June, there's no better excuse for us all to head for the nearest park, hampers happily in hand.

Ah now, picnics aren’t what they used to be. Our own childhood memories were sandwiches (ham or jam, and always rectangular), Wagon Wheels and packets of Tayto crisps, washed down with a big bottle of squash. A healthy dose of happy nostalgia from simpler times, when a picnic opportunity was snatched between the showers and a loaf of bread was all you needed for a Big Day Out.

I don’t know why, but the meals we have on picnics always taste so much better than the ones we have indoors.
— Enid Blyton

It’s all gone a lot more gourmet since those particular days of yore - with great gusto and more than a sprinkling of gastronomic skills, our baskets are more likely to be filled with melt-in-your-mouth cheeses, tapenades, olives, paté, sundried tomatoes, and strawberries galore - a great opportunity to communicate creativity, and bang-on trend for Summer 2017.

National Picnic Week 2017

In its decade of existence, National Picnic Week, this year held through 16th-25th June 2017, has grown to be a widely popular event, celebrating the great outdoors, great food and great company, inspiring us to visit beautiful destinations throughout the country - after all, we have some of the best parks, riversides, forests, hills and beaches in the world.

And from delicious foodstuffs to quirky presentation ideas, the modern-day picnic is a basket of culinary creativity - long evolved from its medieval hunting days origins, but no less a feast.

Think fruit-infused water, perfect for the health conscious among us - upcycle some jam jars to concoct some vibrant and refreshing experiments. Or balsamic-roasted vegetables, peppery rocket, and wild rice salad, all about on-trend Mediterranean goodness. Or crudité and dips - raw, nutritious and easy to share. And plenty of fresh, ripe fruit - grapes, cherry tomatoes, pomegranate seeds - for uplifting colour pops. Set the scene with quickfire cookery demos on a simple stove, teamed with classic Kilners and gingham, or going eco with reusable utensils and sustainably-foraged ingredients.

Blue skies, birds tweeting; it's the perfect chance to reach out to your audience with an array of messages, methods and healthy mindsets that can be communicated through the power of the picnic.

Harness your hampers for National Picnic Week

Held at the peak of the season, and with loads of activity and buzz from media including ITV's Lorraine, Huffington Post and The Telegraph, National Picnic Week's a fantastic opportunity to spread the positive energy and extend your food-, nature- and community-centric message.

Here's some inspiration for perfecting your picnic experience in time for National Picnic Week. Visit our Pinterest Board, and plan your picnic-themed campaign!

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