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One of the biggest 2017 food trends this summer is the Acai Bowl - a healthful dream breakfast with a stand-out appearance, taste and aroma.

This cool summer food trend is basically a thick scrumptious smoothie-in-a-bowl topped off with fruit, oatmeal or peanut butter, with vibrant colours that make for yet another sensory treat to feast your eyes on!

Acai Bowls – AN ONGOING Food Trend for 2017

Despite their relatively recent appearance on the wholefoods scene, Acai bowls have been around for some time.

Brazilians are known for their love of beauty and any food that’s both delicious and healthy, so it’s no wonder that these Portuguese-speaking South Americans invented the Acai Bowl. Hawaii’s another place that’s synonymous with fun in the sun, so again it’s no surprise that this colourful smoothie bowl full of goodness became a hit with Hawaiian surfers who were looking for healthy and filling options to kickstart their day before hitting the beach. New Yorkers didn’t take long to follow suit.

Acai Bowls – Beauty in Every Bite

Vibrant and exciting to look at, the Acai Bowl is the latest health food trend of 2017 that has become a massive Instagram hit - just search for #acaibowl to find a never-ending source of inspiration. Your bowl is your canvas – the more you add, the brighter and more pleasing to the eye it gets, making it even more appealing to eat.


Not Just FOR Breakfast

Acai bowls have all-day potential and are an eye-catching way to capture attention, create new recipes, and engage your audience with customisation and experimentation. Packed with a plethora of healthy antioxidants, you can talk detox and energy boosts thanks to the Acai Bowl’s health properties, which include fibre, protein and bunch of other vitamins that are too many to list!

The main ingredient of an Acai Bowl is frozen acai pulp, hence the dish’s name. But this is the foundation to a host of other exciting additions, such as soy or almond milk, bananas, whatever other fruits you desire, and ice aplenty. The toppings are just as inspiring, and can include dark chocolate chips, homemade granola, nuts, chia seeds, coconut flakes, peanut butter… you name it and you can add it (just remember to keep it healthy)! The versatility also ensures that Acai Bowls are super flexible in terms of special dietary requirements.

Eating food should be just as enjoyable to your taste buds as it is nourishing to your cells...
— McKel Hill, Nutrition Stripped

Foodie and health guru, McKel Hill, founder of Nutrition Stripped, states that smoothie bowls are more filling thanks to the addition of a whole lot of goodness, which includes ice, frozen fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and sometimes even protein powders. This is good news for people who are always on the go and need something substantial to start the day.

She also pays tribute to the acai berry, the number one ingredient of the Acai Bowl. Known for its vast assortment of health benefits, the acai berry is a tropical berry hailed for its beauty and anti-ageing properties.

Acai Bowls In London

The UK capital is abuzz about acai bowls, and there are a more than a few different health hotspots in London serving up this bowl of beauty and goodness.


Above - Viva Acai on Instagram

Viva Acai is, as the name suggests, a hip London eatery specialising in Acai Bowls and using only traditional Brazilian recipes. Everything’s been purposefully kept to a minimum, so you can enjoy your acai offering fuss-free. If you have no idea what to choose, their original Acai Bowl recipe is impressive, or if you’re feeling a little more experimental, you can opt for a personalised, freshly made-to-order, Acai Bowl.


Above - Juice Baby on Instagram

Juice Baby is one of the big players on Kings Road, well-known amongst health enthusiasts. For special dietary requirements, Juice Baby has got it down, using organic products and steering away from gluten, dairy, eggs and any extra additives and preservatives. Their original Acai Bowl boasts distinct nutty notes, or for something a little greener, try their vibrant Verde Acai Bowl packed with spinach, spirulina and kale.


If you’re looking for ways to promote healthy living and inspire food ideas for young and old alike, an acai bowl pop up or demo would be a fun and interactive health-focused event with room for several brands and products to take part.

Pinterest and Instagram are awash with inspiration for some out-of-this-world acai bowl ingredients. Get creative with this exciting take on the traditional smoothie, and you'll be sure to delight health food addicts and convert the rest!

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