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Tidbits to inspire fresh thinking, innovation and creativity include Fortnum & Mason's Hamperlings, Wonky Veg and the brand new 'Foodie' App.


Image: Fortnum & Mason

Image: Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum & Mason's wonderful contemporary picnic hamper concept, the Hamperling, has taken flight with a brand new version for inflight dining.

Exclusively available from the Fortnum’s store at Heathrow Terminal 5, it's an evolution of the original 'afternoon tea on the go' Hamperling, based on a biodegradable cardboard packaging design for picnics and events. But this new 'grab and go 'voyager version is presented in a distinctive cool bag in Fortnum & Mason's signature Eau de Nil, with plates and cutlery designed to suit the aeroplane environment.

It's yet another fantastic extension of the brand; a clever, covetable design, packed with much-loved favourites from the historic Food Hall; Smoked Salmon, Lincolnshire Poacher, York Ham, Game Terrine, Rare Roast Glenarm Salt-Aged Beef and Fortnum’s Oscietra Caviar. A cut above the standard aircraft fare we've come to expect.

We love pretty much everything about this, but the icing on the cake for us is the name - Hamperling. The cutest of suffixes, '-ling' conjures up clear images of carefree movement and open air - ducklings, goslings, starlings - all very pleasing in the context of picnics, travel and adventure.

We love the ideas and innovations that emerge when people look at things with fresh eyes. What exciting new routes could be in store for your existing product lines?

Wonky Veg

We're not really sure where the notion ever came about that we were in any way averse to oddly-shaped fruit and vegetables... but anyway, they're here!

In the good name of reducing food waste, multiple retailers have created new value lines of fruit and veg going by names like 'Wonky Veg' (Asda, Morrisons) and 'A Little Less than Perfect' (Waitrose)

Asda's Wonky Veg box (pictured) mixes things up and adds an element of surprise.

We note that Sainsburys, Tesco, Aldi and others have already been endeavouring to keep waste to a minimum by incorporating them into their existing wares, by way of Basics or Essentials ranges, or prepared meals.

But, new or not, we are enjoying the marketing energy behind this new push on three levels:

  • The 'Raggy Doll'-esque names are endearing, and bring out a sort of warmth associated with rooting for the underdogs, and giving them a home.
  • The idea of 'as nature intended' conjures up a mental image of items hand-picked, straight from the earth, in turn subconsciously suggesting an enhanced depth of flavour.
  • It's really drawing consumer attention to the food waste issue, and it really could make a big difference. By buying from these ranges, we can show our supermarkets that we value the opportunity to reduce food waste, and emphasise our ever-realistic expectations in terms of produce, growers, and sustainability.

In essence, a normally rejected product has bypassed the bin, by being packaged and presented with a charming story of its own. Could that concept apply in your business?

'Foodie' APP

Read more from Line

Read more from Line

This new photography app from Line is a must-have for any cooks, retailers, restaurateurs, food producers and promoters who share photos of their creations.

Foodie app is specifically designed to improve your food snaps, giving you 24 filters devised for different foodtypes e.g. meat, sushi and cake; as well as clever features and effects such as emulating a shallow depth of field, or notifying you when you have lined your phone up perfectly level with the subject (creating those flat, magazine-style layouts we love).

The clincher for us is that it doesn't require you worrying about building yet another community. Instead you simply take great pics with the app or upload from your gallery to share on your already-established Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles.

This could make a big impact on improving your social media marketing presence. Clever people at Line. We can't wait to have a play!

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