12 Pop Up Points to Ponder

Whether it's a pop up, cookery demo, trade show or road trip, it's crucial to convey the brand's vibe clearly and express its values strongly, for all your efforts to have longevity and impact.

Here are 12 key questions to help keep your campaign head straight:


Whether your aim is raising your profile, making impact online, increasing revenue, or encouraging social change, it’s the absolute starting point for all else to come.


Who are you addressing with your campaign: children, students, foodies? Consider how best to tweak your angle and tone without compromising your authenticity.


What sparked your imagination, and led to your exciting idea? Share your enthusiasm and energy for the source, with an audience who always loves the whole story.


Whether going all-in or creating your own twist, understanding current trends can help you plan ever-fresh campaigns on the foundation of your unique offering.


What are current conversations? Health and wellbeing? Eating well on a budget? Sustainability? Linking to a topical theme fosters new opportunities and strong relevance.


Are you championing a level of ease or quality, an ideology or a methodology? Your choice of ingredients and suppliers is integral to your message and credibility.


Your ideal repertoire of recipes will combine an inspirational audience experience with your clear-cut campaign objectives and - crucially! - your practical requirements.


The characteristics of your setting often have an influence on your aesthetic. Consider whether to complement or contrast with the chosen environment.


Understanding operational requirements and limitations is vital to pulling off a successful pop up, with practical planning from the off essential to a smooth production.


Your brand values and message must be communicated at a single glance, with a well-designed environment considering on-point colours, materials and graphics.


Every last touchpoint is an opportunity to surprise and delight, reinforcing your brand, ethos and attention to detail at each stage of the customer journey.


Exploring interesting ways to interact and communicate with your audience - before, during and after your event - will leave a lasting impression beyond the event itself.

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